Apps to Help with Weight Loss

Sometimes when you find changing your lifestyle hard, technology can make it easier for you. I have used and still use a few apps to help me with my weight loss and here are the three apps I use. Continue reading “Apps to Help with Weight Loss”

Something I found interesting today

Just found this through Hello Giggles (I couldn’t directly link the page on WordPress for some reason). The body shape and the way we think about our bodies has changed quite a lot in recent years and it is still changing. This video from Buzzfeed just makes you think how people’s opinion of beauty and the perfect body shape has changed along the years. I just found this video interesting and thought I should share it with you! :)

Not feeling well…

Thanks to my little sister, I have been ill for the past few days. My nose is runny and blocked both at the same time. I start freezing randomly even though the heater is on full heat and I am wearing lots of layers and then randomly feel really hot again.

Normally when I am at home, my mum makes me rasam (a thin, very spicy southern indian/ sri lankan soup), which works wonders. Seeing that I am at uni, I had to find alternatives. So I did a bit of research and made a list of food/drink that will help you when you are not feeling well.

Foods to eat when sick - Health -

 Do you know anything that can make you feel better?

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