Out and About|Palm Vaults

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On my birthday, my sister and I had brunch at Palm Vaults. The café is decorated in a very urban way. You can tell even before entering the café, that you aren’t entering your normal cafés like Costa or Starbucks. You will be surrounded with pastel decor and plants hanging beautifully from the ceiling. Oh and if you are a vegan, you will be spoiled for choice!

To begin, I had a Lavender Latte and toast with tomato, basil and pesto. My sister had a mushroom toastie.

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If you have been following me on instagram recently, you might know that I celebrated my 24th birthday a few days back.


The day before my birthday, I took the train to London from Leicester and met up with my sister there. I booked a place through Airbnb few weeks back, so that’s where we stayed.

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Apps to Help with Weight Loss

Sometimes when you find changing your lifestyle hard, technology can make it easier for you. I have used and still use a few apps to help me with my weight loss and here are the three apps I use. Continue reading “Apps to Help with Weight Loss”

Food Diary

This year so far, I have not been going regularly to the gym. I have been ill and only trained whenever I felt fit enough for it. But it is now time to get back to training properly again.

Even if you are not able to train straight away, the best way to start being healthy is by eating the right food. I try to plan ahead, which makes shopping easier and cheaper.

So to make things easier for you, I have made a Food Diary printable for you!



Progress photo #1


I took the picture on the left after I lost about 5kg. Believe it or not, I was even bigger before I even lost the 5kg and it was noticeable.

I do apologise about the picture quality and the dirty mirror :P

Guest Post|Fashion| Pink Lemonade

Hello everyone!

I’m Sudi a newbie blogger and style addict. Every month I will take one key piece from my wardrobe and try to style it out. I would love for everyone to get involved and maybe share pictures of how you would style those pieces.

Today I’m here on Rock Paper Whisk♡ with a post on how I styled these fabulous pink trousers. I felt a little like Carrie B. The only thing missing now are some fluffy heels.

Pink is not usually a colour that would be associated with me. EVER. I like my monochrome and muted tones but I chose to experiment with colour this year, so here is a bit of pastel pink to ease me in…

Sporting Missguided’s pink cigarette trousers from the sales of course with a boxy over sized H&M jumper. I quite like the outcome. It’s simple, classy and affordable (and keeps me warm). It can easily be dressed up with accessories or dressed down with change of shoes and a denim jacket.

Please find outfit details below. I have also tried to link anything that is still available or added alternative links to similar items.

Sudi R - Guest blogger - Fashion - www.rockpaperwhisk.com

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