Mother’s Day DIY Ideas from Pinterest

Hey guys!

First of all, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. I needed and still need a few time off to myself. Going through some stress. I promise to post as usual from end of March onwards, but in the meanwhile…

I’ve created a board filled with Mother’s Day DIY ideas, which I found on pinterest, for you to check out!!!

To view them, just click the board below! And if you haven’t checked out the DIY Vanilla Body Scrub post I posted a few weeks back, click here ! x

DIY Body Scrub

Vanilla Body Scrub -

Close the jar, tie a ribbon around it and that’s it!

Treat yourself with this amazing body scrub, made at home.

Or even better… Gift it to a loved one!

Perfect as a Mothers Day gift, which by the way is next month- 15th March 2015.

Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas from Pinterest

Hey guys!

I’ve created a board filled with Valentine’s Day DIY ideas, which I found on pinterest.

To view them, just click the board below! And if you haven’t checked out the DIY Valentine’s day cards post I posted a few days back, click here! x

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Seeing that Valentine’s Day is round the corner, I thought I’ll show you a few cards you can make yourself!

Making your own cards will show your loved ones that you took time and effort just to make them happy! I prefer handmade cards to the ones you can buy in stores anyway. You can personalise it and it can be the way you want it!

The things you will need:

  • A4 white card
  • Red card
  • Pencil
  • Watercolour pencils/paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Jute ribbon

P.S. Click on the pictures for instructions!

                                DIY - Valentine's Day Cards -    DIY - Valentine's Day Cards -    DIY - Valentine's Day Cards -

The Light Bulb Project

Light bulb project

And that’s it!

Personally I loved this project. It took a lot more effort than I expected, but I am pleased with the end results!

If you haven’t read the post on How to Hollow Out a Light Bulb, click here.

 * I got mine as a package from DingaDing Terrariums! They delivered the package within two days and I was really pleased with their service!

How to Hollow Out a Light Bulb


Things you will need:

  • a light bulb (obviously…)
  • old box
  • pliers (flat nose pliers)
  • screwdriver (or old tweezers in my case)

And for safety reasons, I would recommend you to wear a pair of goggles and some gloves. I just wore my glasses and didn’t wear any gloves and ended up getting a few cuts…

  1. Place your old box or bin or whatever you want to use on the table you want to work on and hold the light bulb above it
  2. Remove the solder using your pliers and twist to get it off properly
  3. Crack the glass insulator (the black bit) with the pliers
  4. Once you have removed the insulator, take a screwdriver and crack the tube inside the light bulb
  5. Take the bits out by using the pliers and just empty the rest in the box
  6. Once you have made sure that the bulb has been hollowed out properly, clean the bulb thoroughly!

And that’s it!

Oh and watch out for my Light Bulb Project! It will be up soon!

A light bulb moment

IMG_5023.JPGHave you got any light bulbs lying around, that do not work anymore? Well, I do!

Want to know what you could do with them?

Watch out for my next post, to find out what I transform these two broken light bulbs into! :)



P.S. I’m not breaking my stuff on purpose!


From a Mirror to a Photo Frame

If you’ve been following my blog, you might remember that my mirror broke recently (click here to read post)

IMG_4996.JPGSo here’s what I did with it. I turned it into a photo frame.

Things you need:

  • a frame
  • 5m jute ribbon (depends on how big your frame is)
  • 20 card pegs (or more depending on the number of pictures)
  • fairy lights if you don’t have any already

Unless you are going to reuse a broken mirror frame like I did, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to make one yourself.

So what do you think? Do you like what I’ve transformed my broken mirror into? Comment below! x

Mirror, mirror, off the wall…


So a week before I moved into my new student home, among a lot of other things, I also bought a mirror. For £2, it was a bargain!

Till today, it served its purpose.

However, when I was working on an assignment for my course, I suddenly heard the mirror fall of the wall.

The mirror broke. In fact it broke into tiny little pieces.

Anyway… So I cleared the mess up, but kept the shattered mirror separately.


You’ll find out soon!

To see what I transformed this mirror into, click here