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Greek food has always been one of my favourite. When we used to live in Germany, our parents used to always treat us to a Gyros meal at the little Greek restaurant in Heinsberg. In fact, when we do go back to Germany now and then, we still go there! It has sort of become our little tradition.

Hence, my sister and I decided to give Suvlaki a go!

Suvlaki is a very tiny Greek restaurant located in Soho, London. Don’t let size of the restaurant let you down. As they say, the best things in life come in small packages. However, do make sure you make a reservation in advance, just in case!

The following food is what we ordered and shared. The only dish which we ordered one each was the wrap.

  • Tzatziki with Pitta bread
  • Chickpea salad – manouri cheese, olives, pomegranate
  • Fresh chips
  • Pulled pork wrap – feta, cucumber, spicy sauce
  • Greek Mountain Tea

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Suvlaki serves simple food with lots of flavours. The food was filling, and took us back to our childhood. You can not simply just have one dish. When you go to Suvlaki, as the staff would explain to you, the best way to enjoy a meal here is by ordering lots of different dishes and combining them to create a wonderful sensation in your mouth.

Saying that, there are tiny comments I would like to make on a few things. Pomegranate is not something I would normally add to a salad, but after trying out Suvlaki’s Chickpea salad, it is definitely something I would give a go myself. The Greek Mountain Tea was simply divine. Overall, I would not complain about anything I got served at Suvlaki. My sister agrees with me for once, too!

The reasons why you should go to Suvlaki…

  • Very affordable
  • Great atmosphere
  • Heart warming food
  • Very welcoming staff who make sure all your needs are met

21 Bateman Street
W10 3AL

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday:12pm – 11.30pm
Friday & Saturday:12pm – 12am
Sunday:12pm – 10.30pm