If you have been following me on instagram recently, you might know that I celebrated my 24th birthday a few days back.


The day before my birthday, I took the train to London from Leicester and met up with my sister there. I booked a place through Airbnb few weeks back, so that’s where we stayed.

My birthday started with my sister wishing and surprising me with presents. She bought me an Impossible Polaroid 600 camera with films to go with it! We had brunch at Palm Vaults. After filling ourselves with delicious cakes, we walked around Oxford Street to do a bit of shopping and then had some Greek food at Suvlaki. To finish the day off, we went to the Prince Edwards theatre to watch Disney’s Aladdin the musical.


The next day, we met up with Sudeshi to have brunch. She bought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers! Around 3pm I had to catch the train to head back to see my parents. When I got home, my mum was waiting with a plate full of my favourite Sri Lankan snacks, and as always my dad bought me a bunch of roses. 


Dad made Chicken Briyani the next day. Later on we went out as a family to watch a tamil movie. We also had some cheeky Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!

 Thank you to all the lovely people that wished me, and to those that made this an unforgettable birthday!