22 Random Facts About Me

I’m definitely not going to party like Taylor Swift in that video. Had an exam yesterday and preparing for another one tomorrow. Sucks to be me. Anyway… I decided to share 22 random facts about me. Hope you enjoy it you creepy people out there! :P

  1. I was born in Germany and lived there until the age of 11. I would love to think that my German is quite good, but I think I’ve lost it a bit.
  2. Really want to go around the world and see everything! Don’t we all?!
  3. When I was 3, and went to Kindergarten (nursery/reception), for a Karneval play, I had to be a prince #truestory  -Basically… I wanted to be a princess. At that time I thought a Prinz (prince) meant a princess in german and ended up volunteering for the part, falling into a trap and humiliating myself. Ok…maybe the last bit was a bit of an exaggeration.
  4. On my 4th birthday, a hot iron fell on my face and I pretty much spent the whole day in a hospital.
  5. I love tulips, peonies and lavender. Buy me flowers and I’ll love you forever ;)
  6. Just don’t buy me any roses though. I’m not a very big fan of them.
  7. I love galleries, museums, and documentaries. I’m a bit geeky like that!
  8. But I’m not very academic. My brain just shuts down.
  9. I am a professional procrastinator…
  10. According to my end of first primary school year book (2003), I wanted to become a doctor/vet/author.
  11. Moving to England at the age of 11 was quite strange for me. All I knew was the basics like how to say my name, the alphabet, months, colours etc.
  12. I love babies and they just make me smile. No…I’m not a creep…
  13. I have been obsessed with all sorts of stationary since I was a kid. Especially pretty notebooks. I have lots and I will still keep buying them. No one can stop me…
  14. I can’t sit still. Yes… I’m not great when it comes to going to the cinema/ anywhere where you just have to sit still…
  15. When I message someone, and use emoticons/emojis/whatever you want to call them, I have to use them in odd numbers. I know… I’m a weirdo
  16. I’m in love with the 1920’s. Hence, anything to do with it!
  17. I love musicals. If anyone is ever going to one, please take me with you!
  18. I’ve spent about 2 hours in the same room as Nicole Scherzinger. We are basically bffs!!!
  19. Whenever I’m not feeling well, I always make someone talk to me or tell me a story. Sorry to all those people who had to do this. I love you lots <3
  20. I’m a very fussy eater and only started eating seafood since I started going to uni. Seeing raw meat/fish would have creeped me out before, but now I am capable of cooking those by myself. Uni changes you in many ways…
  21. I put chillies in everything. I like my food hot!
  22. And last but not least… I love my long casual walks. I like changing around routes and I get all excited when I find something new!