Guest Post| Garnier Skin Perfector Vs. Body Shop All in One BB Cream

Hi! Thank you for joining me on this very special blog post on Rock Paper Whisk♡. I recently recommended BB creams to Aja but I have a confession to make. I currently have two BB (blemish balm) creams sitting on my vanity unit which have been neglected for a very long time.


The Body Shop All in One BB Cream that I purchased a few years ago is pretty much unused. It was the texture of the product that seriously put me off at the time. I could feel tiny little beads in the cream and the product is a white colour when it comes out of the tube which totally confused me.

I also have the Garnier Skin Perfector Daily All in One BB Cream which I used to wear on a daily basis before I started wearing foundation way too much. However, I am so glad I reviewed these products again. Because I think BB creams could be the perfect solution to my recent desire to ditch the foundation.

These BB creams are actually similar in quite a few ways. They are both way more moisturising than foundation. However, neither feels quite as light on the skin as a regular moisturiser. I don’t think you can expect coverage over acne but both of these BB creams provide coverage over scars and help balance out uneven skin tone.  Both the Body Shop BB cream and the Garnier BB cream give you a glow, which might sound a little scary for anyone with oily skin and I really wouldn’t recommend BB creams for you if you do have oily skin. On the other hand if you do have dry or even combinational skin I would definitely give it a try. I have an oily t-zone and I think I can just about pull off these BB creams in winter as it gives me a lovely dewy completion on my cheeks. However, I think I would avoid using these BB creams in summer as I reckon I would look super shiny!

The Garnier BB cream reflects light really well and I only have a little darkness under my eyes but this all pretty much disappears from wearing this product. The Garnier cream makes my skin look fair. Sounds great right? Well, unfortunately I think it makes the darker areas of my skin look ashy and grey. It also only comes in one shade for all skin types so there is no alternative for those of us with darker skin. On the other hand, when I first apply the Body Shop BB cream onto my skin it makes it look slightly darker than my natural shade. However, I really don’t mind, because it gives my skin a lot more life than the ashy tone given by the Garnier alternative. The Body shop BB cream comes in 5 different shades so there is a higher likelihood that you can find the perfect shade for you and it also claims to adapt to your skin tone.

I am so glad that I picked up this product again in winter because I have been obsessed with matte looking foundation without realising how dull my skin had been looking over the last few months. I really do think this adds life to my face and overall look. As BB creams only give a limited amount of coverage I reckon I will be pairing up the Body Shop All in One BB cream with a concealer for any acne which likes to pop up on my t-zone and then I will be good to go with this fresh new look.

I think BB creams should be the go-to product for almost anyone. They are perfect if you are in school and not allowed to wear make-up. They are perfect for a bit of coverage for when you are shopping with your friends and even perfect for special occasion for those of you with great skin that don’t need the heavy feel and coverage which comes with a layer of foundation sitting on your face.

So what do you think, will you be trying out a BB cream? Let me know in the comments below.

Jess x