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Say hi to… Soozana

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Tip 3- Flawless skin

The one thing I get complimented on most of the time, is my face. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they love my skin, and that they wish their face was so flawless as mine.

The thing is…girls…My skin has it’s bad days as well. I get the random spot now and then. But here is my normal routine that possibly contributes to my “flawless” skin. Oh and by the way… I’m not really a skin expert. This is purely just based on my skin and my experiences.

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DIY Body Scrub

Vanilla Body Scrub -

Close the jar, tie a ribbon around it and that’s it!

Treat yourself with this amazing body scrub, made at home.

Or even better… Gift it to a loved one!

Perfect as a Mothers Day gift, which by the way is next month- 15th March 2015.


It’s Pancake Day tomorrow and I have decided to make a post on how to make pancakes. Enjoy! x

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Top 6 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Single Ladies

So all the single ladies (+ guys) out there, who to be honest do not really give a damn about Valentine’s day… you guessed it. I have a few tips to make it extra special for you, too!

  1. Does your room/workplace/home need a bit of sorting out? Then put together a playlist on youtube of your favourite songs, play it, sing to it, and start cleaning! Trust me… It’s a good workout, everything will look spotless and you will feel so much better!
  2. Why not invite your friends over and have a girls night in?!
  3. and what is a girls night in without a cheesy movie and some popcorn?! So put a cheesy movie on or if you are anything like me, then a comedy.
  4. Pamper yourself! Go to a spa or just get pampered at home.
  5. Go shopping! Treat yourself with something! Loving yourself and spending some money on yourself doesn’t hurt.
  6. Do something you normally wouldn’t do or used to have a hobby which you want to take up again? Like painting? Get the paintbrush out and start painting!

And that’s it!

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

So when I tried to find some ideas on google, there were lots of ideas that you could do as a couple. But looking through the list made me think for a bit. Shouldn’t you as a couple be doing these sort of stuff more than just once a year?

Anyway, here’s my list for you couples out there!

  1. Instead of going out for dinner, why not cook for her/him something yourself? Or even better…Why not cook together? (If you do cook at home all the time… then go on…spoil yourselves and go on a romantic dinner).
  2. If you love animals, why not go to a zoo?! To check out my visit to the ZSL London Zoo, click here!
  3. Why not get away for a weekend? Doesn’t have to be anywhere expensive or cheesy like Paris. Get away to the country side or something.
  4. Do be cheesy!!! Candlelit dinner, red roses, chocolates etc etc. After all, it is Valentine’s Day!
  5. Why not build a fort together?! Bring your inner child back!
  6. Stay in and have a movie night. (Watch out for my top 10 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day!)
  7. Go on a bike ride together,
  8. and if the weather is nice, why not have a picnic as well?
  9. Go on a road-trip!
  10. Do something you normally wouldn’t do.

And that’s it!

Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas from Pinterest

Hey guys!

I’ve created a board filled with Valentine’s Day DIY ideas, which I found on pinterest.

To view them, just click the board below! And if you haven’t checked out the DIY Valentine’s day cards post I posted a few days back, click here! x


First of all, I would like to thank you all for making me reach my first milestone (just over 100 followers)!!! Never expected to even get 10 followers let alone more than 10 times that!

So what kind of posts can you expect this month?

The special posts in February are going to be Valentine’s day themed. Watch out for the special feature of Say hi to… this month! Other than that, as promised at the beginning of the month, there will be a monthly DIY project, at least one recipe, hopefully a review of a place I will visit this month and a few random posts.

My next post will be up next Wednesday. So watch out!