How to Hollow Out a Light Bulb


Things you will need:

  • a light bulb (obviously…)
  • old box
  • pliers (flat nose pliers)
  • screwdriver (or old tweezers in my case)

And for safety reasons, I would recommend you to wear a pair of goggles and some gloves. I just wore my glasses and didn’t wear any gloves and ended up getting a few cuts…

  1. Place your old box or bin or whatever you want to use on the table you want to work on and hold the light bulb above it
  2. Remove the solder using your pliers and twist to get it off properly
  3. Crack the glass insulator (the black bit) with the pliers
  4. Once you have removed the insulator, take a screwdriver and crack the tube inside the light bulb
  5. Take the bits out by using the pliers and just empty the rest in the box
  6. Once you have made sure that the bulb has been hollowed out properly, clean the bulb thoroughly!

And that’s it!

Oh and watch out for my Light Bulb Project! It will be up soon!